Get your bite of the plant-based meat market

When our resources become limited it's time to unleash our possibilities.

The food needs of the future are bigger than ever before. How will we meet this challenge? How exactly can we use our resources more efficiently than we did ever before? During the production of food, there are many plant-based so called by-products that have not been used for human nutrition. Not yet. But these by-products are a rich source of good proteins and valuable fibers. That's why we engineered a solution that enables to upcycle these by-products and to transform them into unique plant-based meat alternatives. You are looking for an innovative product to win over the plant-based market? Then get your license for our proprietary & IP-secured technology. Our services do not only include our end-to-end technology solution and wide range of product recipes, but also grant you access to our R&D expertise, market insights and new product developments. CFS will be your partner during the entire product lifetime. We welcome you.