What exactly do you do? It's simple: We offer technology solutions to food and beverage producers to create unique plant-based meat alternatives with their upcycled food side streams.

You want to make a difference in the plant-based market? Then offer something different!

Still looking for good reasons to join the business with products made with upcycled brewer's spent grains? Then we have some really good ones. What do you think of

You have your very own product ideas? Perfect! Because our protein extrudates can be cut in different shapes and serve as material for a whole variety of foods to match consumer expectations. Think for instance of vegan mince, vegan burger patties, vegan kebab slices, vegan ham dices, protein strips, sausages – just to give your creativity a starting point to lift off!

Now, is it a match? In case we grabbed your attention and interest feel free to get in contact! Send us an Email or call us – and let’s be successful together!